These are fractions. Fine Line makes a great product, always answers questions, and appreciates their customers. Now I'm dancing on a fine line Somewhere between a minute and a lifetime You do it to me, to me I can't lie, I got a bit caught up tonight. Hey there. Meaning of fine line. QUESTION. TIMOTHY J. Put a price on emotion I'm looking for something to buy You've got my devotion But man, I can hate you sometimes I don't want to fight you Lines are everywhere! The album's themes involve the initial excitement of meeting someone, breakups, and "having sex and feeling sad", as Styles has said himself. The titular "fine line" is the blurry space that they exist in between friends, lovers, and a true relationship. Fine Line is the second studio album by English singer and songwriter Harry Styles, released on 13 December 2019 by Columbia and Erskine Records. Free from impurities. Fine Line is the second studio album by English singer and songwriter Harry Styles, released on 13 December 2019 by Columbia and Erskine Records. 2. What does fine-line mean? Peguei o Fine Line do Harry Styles para ouvir e foi isso o que eu achei. ALSO THE NAME OF THE NEWEST HARRY STYLES SOLO ALBUM THAT IS AMAZING AND U SHOULD DEFINITELY STREAM IT To maintain a fragile balance between one extreme and another. 2. (noun) "Fine Line" Posted by Henry on March 16, 2004. Find more similar words at! Sometimes there's only a very fine line between genius and madness.. A fine line exists between keeping it tasteful and going over the top. Definition and synonyms of a fine line between from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.. I want it as a tattoo, but I can’t get it if I don’t know what it means In Reply to: "Fine Line" posted by Kerrie Hoskins on March 16, 2004: As in " Walking a fine line." Fine Meaning in Hindi: Find the definition of Fine in Hindi. Synonyms for fine line include edge, border, boundary, margin, bound, brim, fringe, limit, perimeter and rim. Sometimes, there's a fine line between love and hate. The heart line, also known as the love line or mensal line, gives an indication about a person?s emotional state and their emotional and physical relationships with others. Fine Line is a solid, playful pop album, but that matters less than its status as a source of uncomplicated comfort and affirmation. Find more opposite words at! From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English a fine line between something and something a fine line between something and something DIFFERENT if you say that there is a fine line between two different things, you mean that they are so similar that one can easily become the other There’s a fine line between bravery and recklessness. 1. Mabel explained: "'Fine Line' is a playful track that I wrote about that fun phase at the beginning of a relationship when you're trying to figure each other out. “Fine Line” feels like it’s either going to be the kind of sexy admonishment we associate with Prince or the kind of deep feels you might expect from Savage Garden or The Smashing Pumpkins. Information and translations of fine line in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions … Idiom eBooks from "There is a fine line between" is an English idiom that has a 'literal' and a 'figurative' meaning. An antonym for fine line is bright line. I don’t know if this is a stupid question, but does anyone have an idea as to what “my hands at risk, I fold” means? The ones available in local stores are too big. Definition of fine line in the dictionary. Can you tell the meaning of "walk a fine line"? Fine line tattooing consists of distinct straight or curved thin lines, without gradations in shade or color to represent 2D or 3D objects, emphasizing form … - Does anyone know the origin of this phrase? Look at the picture given below. Though they both seem to want to keep it casual, they're constantly walking that fine line.By the end of the song, he accepts that he simply cannot define what they have together, and that's alright. 3. a. The 'line' is one of the seven elements of art and some would argue that it is the most important. ‘Educators at public schools near polygamous communities walk a fine line to encourage children from plural marriages to attend school.’ ‘Ward is careful to walk a fine line in describing the weekend.’ ‘They are treading a fine line, risking bookings over mundane issues like throw-ins.’ ‘The police walk a fine line … Tagged: No tags, suggest one. Meaning; FINE: Freaked Out Insecure Neurotic and Emotional (Italian Job movie) FINE: Frantic, Insane, Nuts and Egotistical: FINE: Faithful, Involved, Knowledgeable and … (idiomatic) A difference, albeit vague and difficult to discern. The number ‘1’ given above a line and the number ‘2’ is given below it. When everything feels hopeless, pop music feels frivolous, but there’s joy in frivolity, and deep meaning in joy. An artist’s line is a sort of signature for them. To behave; to abide by the the law and/or to abide by moral standards; to walk a straight path of decency by following the rules; to "walk the straight and narrow." est 1. a. Lets consider ‘1/2′ . a fine line: [noun] a very small distinction. Walk a fine line All idioms have been editorially reviewed, and submitted idioms may have been edited for correctness and completeness. “Fine Line” The album concludes with the title track, “Fine Line” that ties together all its proceeding songs. Excellent in character or ability: a fine person; a fine writer. The latter definition is that applied in the song "Walk the Line" by Johnny Cash. In reality, you know what a line is, but when it comes to art and drawing, the definition can be a little more complicated. my granddad first heard ‘Lights Up,’ he was, ‘Yeah, I had to listen to it a couple times to get it. - MJK. A line is where a shape begins, and each artist owns their own gallery of preferred lines, which is the beginning of one’s art style. There's a fine line between testing someone and entrapping them.. Very small in size, weight, or thickness: fine type; fine paper. This line is located above the head line and life line. Fine line lyrics meaning. Harry Styles: Fine line Meaning. This is the British English definition of a fine line between.View American English definition of a fine line between.. Change your default dictionary to American English. “Fine Line” is the title track of Harry Styles’ second studio album, and Harry said it … I need this odd size flag to fit where our flag hangs. The phrase is actually a well thought and very well executed pun. : good and evil, sanity and insanity, decency and decadence, etc. Get "Fine line" on MP3: Get MP3 from Amazon Get MP3 from iTunes. The Fine Line album debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart with 478,000 equivalent units. This is exactly the size I need and is well made. Border-line, a border between 2 things that could be either or, or is close to be on one side of the spectrum. A fine line is a very small difference.. From the archives;: : Hi, I'm new here. Fine Line is the second album from British singer and actor Harry Styles. I’ve had a bit to drink and I’m tryna work it out but it’s not coming to me. b. Fine line Lyrics. OneIndia Hindi Dictionary offers the meaning of Fine in hindi with pronunciation, synonyms, antonyms, adjective and more related words in Hindi. Fine definition: You use fine to describe something that you admire and think is very good. And while I briefly explained the meaning each of the 5 types of lines conveys, their functions are limitless. In this sense, fine means thin.So a fine line is a very thin line, used figuratively to refer to a small difference or distinction between things:. What does fine line mean? In a way, the song acts as the definitive line between the ups and downs seen in the tracklist of this album. A fine line definition: a point at which it is difficult to distinguish between two different activities or... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples i.e. A "fine line" means that you are very close from doing something acceptable to doing something wrong, unacceptable, or immoral. Let us take a look at the meaning behind these lyrics. Of superior quality, skill, or appearance: a fine day; a fine wine. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples That figure marked the biggest week for a pop album by a male artist since Justin Bieber's Purpose entered at the summit of the December 5, 2015-dated tally with 649,000 units. It can also be looked at as a predictor of the health of the heart. The track seemingly represents the high highs and low lows that Harry had while creating the album and the fine line between the two feelings.